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Laboratory Service Information for Patients

Laboratory tests are essential to your health. They are an important way for your physician to determine what’s going on inside your body. The work done by the staff and doctors at Yashfeen Medical Diagnostic Center enables your physician to diagnose and treat your medical condition. It is vital to many medical treatments and disease control, resulting in improved management of your health.

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Yashfeen Medical Diagnostic Center is a multi-disciplinary medical diagnostic laboratory. We provide community and hospital diagnostic services to physicians and patients in Different areas.

Patient Service Centres

The Patient Service Centres (PSCs) are the focal points for patient visits in the communities of Different areas.

We have 18 centres located throughout the region making access easier for patients. We serve over 100,000 patients who visit the PSCs monthly to have their laboratory work and/or ECGs done. To locate a PSC near you.

To assist patients with their busy lives, we offer the following services:

Appointments:  for all patients at all the PSCs which can be pre-booked at least a day in advance. To go to the Appointment Service page.

Standing Order Service:  for patients who require blood work on a regular basis. This service enables patients to drop into any PSC where their lab work requests are on file electronically thereby avoiding the need to visit their physician each time to obtain a requisition.  Physicians determine if the patient meets the standing order criteria and will indicate on the requisition. To find out if you fit within the guidelines, contact your physician directly for further information.

Second Language Support Services:  for those patients for whom English is not their first language.

Parking: there is paid parking at some facilities.

At CLS, we are continually looking for ways to improve our services to our patients.  You matter to us!

Calling Patients by Name in CLS Patient Service Centres

CLS call patients by first and last name in Patient Service Centre waiting rooms for the following reasons:

  • The fundamentals of patient safety require accurate patient identification and validation of identification throughout the entire collection process.
  • It creates efficiencies and avoids confusion particularly when there is more than one patient in the waiting room with the same first name.
  • It promotes a level of professionalism; you are not just a number to us.

Options are available for those patients who do not wish to have their full name called in Patient Service Centre waiting rooms:

  • At the time a walk-in patient is called to the desk by number they can request to be called by their first name only or by an alternate name. Reception staff will then attach a note to the requisition requesting that the patient be called into the phlebotomy room by the requested name.
  • When booking an appointment on-line patients can create their account by providing only their first name and last initial, or registering with an alternate name. Reception staff will confirm with the patient the name they prefer to be called by and will attach a note to the requisition requesting that the patient be called into the phlebotomy room by the requested name.


Employment related testing, tests required as part of an Occupational Health Program, or tests for participation in any clinical trial or study are not covered by the Alberta Provincial Insurance Plan.  Fees for the testing and transport of these specimens must be paid for by the patient or other third party. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and debit cards. Cash is not accepted. There is no cash on premises.